Tuesday, April 2, 2013

This time we got an early opportunity for ‘Ghoomakkari’.  We decided to visit Tirthan Valley.   Tirthan valley is situated by the side of the Tirthan river  in Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh. 

It is the gateway for the Great Himalayan National Park.  I was encouraged to visit the valley as my friend Sandeep Mukherjee had visited this place six times during the past one year.  

Sandeep chalked out a program for us, a group of six persons i.e. I, Seema, my wife, Sandeep, Sandeep’s sister (Didi), jeejaji (Didi used to call him as Ashokda) and Sandeep’s cousin Buji.  Sandeep’s wife Anjana bhabhiji and his daughter Ishani had to stay back at Delhi due to Ishani’s exam on 30.03.2013.  

Sandeep and Buji’s main purpose to visit this place was to watch and shoot different kinds of birds  while ours was to live with the nature and enjoy the beauty of the river and the hills.
We started our journey in the evening of 28.03.2013 by Volvo bus of Himachal Pradesh tourism and got down next morning before the tunnel that leads to Kullu.  Panki Sood our tour coordinator and more 

than a friend, was there to pick us up for Tirthan.  It took around an hour to reachTirthan Valley.  We stayed at Khem  Bhai’s Guest House in Guishaini.  All the way, we could not close our eyes as the beauty of the nature did not allow us to take a wink. 
Sometimes, on the way, we stopped to watch birds or take pics of the beautiful scenery of nature.  All through the way, Tirthan River was flowing with its fast moving waters.

On reaching guest house, we refreshed ourselves, took breakfast and decided to visit the local fall of that area.  Sandeep, Seema and I were guided by Tarun, teenager son of Khem Bhai.  Other members of the group decided to stay back for rest.  We went through the difficult track.  It took around half an hour to reach the fall.  On reaching there, we found that Didi and Ashokda had reached there via an easier route.

In the evening, we had planned for trout fishing but couldn’t do due to heavy rainfall. However, we enjoyed the rain through the balcony of the guest house with hot tea and light snacks.  The scenery outside was very charming.  

The sound of water flowing through the stones was very soothing for the ears.  Clouds had their place in between the hills.  Greenery on the hills gave a special touch to the scenery.

Next day on 30.03.2013, we commenced our journey to Jalori Pass at around 8.30 a.m. The road passed through Banjar town, and thereafter, it was all uphill road. After Shoja, the climb to Jalori Pass was steep. Just about 3 kms before the pass, snow appeared and became thicker as we came close to Jalori Pass. 

The water flowing from the melting snow made the road slushy, further restricting the speed and often the driver was not able to drive the vehicle. People were on the job to clear the snow from the road as it had snowed heavily the previous night.

The entire route to Jalori Pass was very scenic with road passing through the thick forest of deodar trees and heavy snow all around. A combination of green and white was eye-catching.  We reached Jalori Pass at around 11.00 a.m. and spent almost 2 hours there.  In the evening, we took a stroll outside the guest house as it was slight drizzling and that day also we had to keep aside our pending program of trout fishing.

On 31.03.2013, after taking breakfast, we left the guest house for our return journey at around 9.00 AM.  Panki had arranged  lunch for us at his house.  He has a joint family.  His house was palatial and well decorated.  We took a sumptuous lunch there which was prepared by his mother with the help of his wife and bhabhi.  Panki and his elder brother, Ankit are both mountaineers and bird watchers. The enjoyment with the family is unforgettable.  In the evening, we boarded the bus for Delhi.  We reached at around 5.30 am at ISBT, Kashmiri Gate, took metro and reached home at 6.30 am and again got ourselves busy in the daily humdrum of life as we had to leave for office the same day.


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